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8 YouTube Channels Can Change Your Financial Life

Nowadays, a lot of people are interested in learning about personal finance, as well as ways to make passive money. You may indeed learn a lot about making and saving money by reading books and publications, but hearing and seeing someone else explain the concepts will have a much more profound effect on your comprehension.

You shouldn’t be concerned that there aren’t more television channels dedicated to teaching you how to budget and build your career and finances. If you’re looking for strategies to increase your passive income or reduce your expenses, there are plenty of helpful YouTube channels to consult.

Listed below are 8 YouTube channels for earning money

1.   The Financial Diet

If you’re a young professional looking to make the most of your passive money, advance your career, and maybe avoid making some of the same mistakes that many of your generational counterparts have made, then you should check out The Financial Diet. A diverse group of young individuals offers advice on their YouTube channel, covering issues such as frugal grocery shopping, salary negotiation, and closet organization.

More than 612,000 people have subscribed to The Financial Diet’s YouTube channel, and the site itself has a sizable readership. That people of all ages strive to increase their wealth and assume greater personal responsibility is demonstrated by this.

2.   Dan Lok

Entrepreneur Dan Lok has created a YouTube channel, e-books, and a free masterclass to help you “unlock your financial confidence.” Lok is a self-made multimillionaire who uses his considerable online influence to help others develop a wealth mindset, expand their enterprises, and establish reliable sources of passive income.

Around 1.2 million people have subscribed to Lok’s channel on YouTube due to the helpful information he provides in every one of his videos.

3.   The Krazy Coupon Lady

The Krazy Coupon Lady’s YouTube channel is highly regarded as a premier resource for frugal living advice. Techniques for extreme couponing are covered. Authors and bloggers Joanie Demer and Heather Wheeler operate this channel. The movies are entertaining to watch and provide strategies for saving cash at a variety of retail establishments and online marketplaces.

4.   Ramit Sethi’s YouTube channel

You won’t learn anything about budgeting or frugal living from this channel on YouTube, but you will learn a lot about making passive income. It offers a wealth of tips for improving your financial situation and propels you forward.

5.   eHow Finance

Videos on this channel do a great job of breaking down the inner workings of various financial instruments. Throughout the videos, a rotating cast of hosts addresses common financial questions from viewers.

6.   Do It On a Dime

There is a tonne of videos on here that will teach you the fundamentals of budgeting and how to save money in your day-to-day life.

7.   Money Talks News

This YouTube channel features a collection of videos on personal finance from different perspectives.

If you follow the sequence of videos provided by these channels, you will undoubtedly gain valuable insight into how to both make and save money.

8.   Bigger Pockets

It’s is a leading online resource for real estate investors in the United States, and it now features its very own video-centric YouTube channel. Learn about key concepts in real estate investing with the help of in-house specialists from this channel’s many departments.

Find out the recommended practices for landlords and how to find your first investment property for passive income. Learn the ins and outs of calculating profits, interacting with contractors, and recognizing warning signals to prevent disasters from becoming reality.


Many popular channels on YouTube provide easy-to-follow guides to success and financial independence. Alternatively, you might buy YouTube subscribers to speed up your channel’s growth and increase your video views. To make money off of your rapidly expanding YouTube channel, you might also use organic methods.

YouTube offers limitless opportunities to monetize your content. You should become serious about your career and start making your own films like the ones seen on YouTube’s most popular channels for budding business owners.

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