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Biden classified documents scandal: Matt Gaetz discloses Democrats’ likely motivation

In November, days before the midterm elections, the president’s legal team discovered the first batch at the Penn Biden Center. At this point, the FBI and the Justice Department started looking into Biden’s activities. After CBS News’s initial report earlier this month, the White House felt compelled to issue a statement. After further classified materials belonging to Vice President Joe Biden were discovered at the president’s house in Wilmington, Delaware, Attorney General Merrick Garland initiated a special counsel investigation.

In addition to saying, “Maybe the Democrats have realised that Joe Biden is no longer useful to them, so they’re just going to get rid of him and run younger candidates in the next presidential election,” Gaetz said, “I mean, there’s a part of this where Joe Biden’s lawyer gives this information to the government.”

According to Gaetz, the greatest cause for alarm is the possibility that the records discovered at the Penn Biden Center are connected to the millions of cash that anonymous Chinese donors have given to the University of Pennsylvania, which operates the centre.

An official from the company remarked, “W “have a lot to learn about the contents of the documents, whether or not they relate to China, and whether or not they were stored at the Biden Center at UPenn on the Chinese government’s dime. A lot more concern needs to be given to this,”

According to Gaetz, unless the documents scandal directly impacts ordinary people, the American public will continue to prioritise the economic over the political debate.

After certain papers were discovered in a garage in Delaware, he responded, “I haven’t been frothing at the mouth.” What’s in the glove compartment of Joe Biden’s Corvette is less of a concern to the average American than how their government can be used against them, in my opinion.

“If the papers were related to China and were located in a building funded by China, it would be reasonable to assume that the scandal goes deeper and would affect our country greatly,”

“If they are memories or records that haven’t been used for a long time, I think that’s different,” he said.

Gaetz had previously tweeted that the Biden papers “aren’t important to my people’ quality of life,” which is essentially the same thing as saying the documents are unimportant.

He stated, “I believe my opinion would alter if the Biden documents were about China, given the CCP was in effect funding for the Biden Center.”

Special counsel Robert Mueller began looking into Biden’s handling of classified materials at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida just a few months after he began investigating former President Donald Trump’s handling of comparable materials at his own estate.

In that case, the FBI conducted a raid on Trump’s home because, after questioning him and failing to coax him into cooperation, they came to believe that the president possessed more relevant records than they had previously believed. Trump claims he did not do anything wrong and blames others.

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