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Biden State of the Union content and delivery are rated

Former top speechwriters gave President Biden’s second State of the Union address grades that ranged from an “A” for excellence to a “D” that was almost as bad as failing.

In his speech, Vice President Biden talked about the infrastructure bill that bears his name and the commitment of the current administration to economic growth. He said that he wanted to get people to work together and work with both sides of Congress. Republicans, on the other hand, didn’t like a lot of what he said, especially when he said that some of his own party members wanted to cut Social Security and Medicare.

“A few days before Biden’s speech, the US shot down a Chinese spy balloon. This made the already tense relationship between the US and China even worse.”

Experts agree that, even though Biden did his best to get people to work together, he didn’t do enough to stand up to the threat that China posed. Many people thought his speech was a dress rehearsal for his planned presidential announcement in 2024, but they also thought it was slow and boring.

David Wilezol, who is the CEO of Seventh Floor Strategies and was Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s main speechwriter, gave Biden a “D.”

“Even though these State of the Union speeches are always boring, Joe Biden said less in his hour and a half tonight than almost any president in history. This boring speech was full of fake accomplishments that could be politically appealing, but it didn’t have any memorable words or show any political courage.” Wilezol told Fox News Online what he thought.”

“Biden’s plan for improving public education is the same one that has been tried and failed over and over again for decades: spend more money on schools. If Biden really wanted to show leadership, he wouldn’t repeat what the teachers’ unions say. Instead, he would take advantage of the growing support from both parties for school choice.” As Wilezol put it.

Also, instead of trying to be tough on President Xi, he would have the guts to tell the American people the truth about the sacrifices that will need to be made to stop Chinese aggression. Instead, he gave a sneak peek of his campaign for president that no one will remember.

Biden’s speech got an A+ from Obama’s top speechwriter, David Litt.

“Members of both parties praised some of President Biden’s most important economic and national security achievements, such as building new roads and bridges and reviving the American semiconductor industry so it could compete with China. He used national TV to put Republicans in Congress on the spot. As a result, they have promised not to cut Medicare or Social Security, giving the White House an early advantage in any possible debt-ceiling hostage situation.” Then he went on to say more.

“Last but not least, just a few weeks after Republicans had a public temper tantrum during a series of votes for speaker, Joe Biden was the picture of maturity. He really looked like a president. The GOP protesters looked like fools because of how he did. The Chief of Staff was in charge from the start.”

“A favorite saying of Vice President Joe Biden is that no one has ever made money betting against the United States of America. I wouldn’t bet against Vice President Biden becoming President if he keeps leading the country like he is.” Litt came to an end.

Dr. Jonathan Bronitsky, co-founder of the public relations and literary agency ATHOS in Washington, D.C., and former chief speechwriter for Attorney General Bill Barr, gave Biden a “C+” and said that his speech did not inspire confidence but did support some ideas that were not partisan.

He said that the fact that Biden didn’t talk about “MAGA Republicans” like he had in the past shows that Trump has “learned that insulting half of the population doesn’t help bring people together.”

Bronitsky said: that the first part of the speech, which was about supporting the “American working class,” was bipartisan and showed that the administration is aware that “its zealous enthusiasm for wokeness and other weirdness is alienating large swaths of the American public” that are needed to win a national election. This part echoed what former President Trump said about the “forgotten man and woman.”

Bronitsky said: “that since Biden hasn’t done much, he focused on the future and didn’t try to solve the problems that Americans face every day.”

He also pointed out contradictions and outright lies, like the Republican plan to end Medicare and Social Security, and praised capitalism while proposing big changes to free markets by making the government bigger.

It also fought for things that both Democrats and Republicans agree on, like helping the police and stopping Big Tech from collecting people’s data. The actual policy ideas, though, lean very far to the left.

Bronitsky said that Biden speech seemed like it was given by a robot.

Running for president is a very difficult task that requires a lot of mental and physical strength. In this way, Biden’s performance was as reassuring as a pilot after a few shots of tequila. He came to an answer.

Rob Noel: “who used to write speeches for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and is now president of the Washington Writers Network, gave Biden a “C+.”

“He said all the right things about working with people from the other party, and, unlike in the past, he sounded excited and sincere when he spoke. Still, all of the words were used before Noel elucidated.”

It was boring and used old sayings like “bottom up and middle out” and “pay your fair share.” Both President Obama and President Trump gave State of the Union addresses that were truly unique and could only have been given by them. Like average pop music, President Biden’s speeches are sometimes interesting, but most of the time they are dull and predictable.” Noel said, “That’s it.”

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