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Crucial Additional Revelations In The Killing Of A Microsoft Executive

The terrible murder of Microsoft executive Jared Bridegan, according to reports, may shortly result in an arrest. His now ex-wife has relocated 2,800 miles away and remains a suspect.

In Florida, the father of four was attacked and shot numerous times in front of his 2-year-old daughter Bexley.

According to another person who spoke to the news organization, Shanna Gardner-Fernandez, Bridegan’s ex-wife, and her second husband, Mario Fernandez, are still suspects in his death.

Jared’s second wife and mother of his two young children, Kirsten Bridegan, expressed surprise that Gardner-Fernandez had relocated so far away.

Gardner-Fernandez, then 35, and Bridegan, then 33, filed for divorce in 2016. Gardner-infidelity Fernandez is blamed. As a result, bitter charges were leveled at each other in court documents for years, even up until the time of his death.

On February 16, the Microsoft executive was murdered shortly after dropping off his twins at his ex-wife in Florida.

Before returning home, he picked up a discarded tire from the middle of the road. His young daughter from his second marriage watched helplessly as Daddy was shot multiple times as they drove.

Investigators assume the tyre was placed in the road to make a trap for Bridegan. NewsJax4 has also confirmed the upcoming arrest.

Adam Bridegan, Bridegan’s older brother, previously told the media outlet, “It was such a horrendous crime… I mean, he was shot so many times to make sure he was dead.”

Gardner-Fernandez and her twin 10-year-old twins with Jared had secretly relocated to West Richland, Washington, while sources told Fox News that Gardner-Fernandez was still a suspect.

According to the article, Fernandez, also a suspect, did not accompany them on the 2,800-mile journey across the country.

Gardner-Fernandez responded “No, I’m sorry” on Monday when asked if she approved the major development in the case.

Her white Tesla was spotted in the grocery store parking lot a few minutes later, where she was on the phone.

Henry Coxe III, the powerful criminal defense attorney the couple hired after the murder, declined to comment on Monday.

However, the executive’s surviving loved ones were harmed by the decision. Kirsten Bridegan, his second wife, and his two children, London, 1, and Bexley, 3, were in the car with him.

On Monday, Bridegan stated, “I was astonished, to be honest.” when asked about the long-distance relocation.

“Yet another loss… I have more than just Jared’s love to win back in my children’s eyes. They lost other relatives as well. The step-kids have vanished and I can’t seem to track them down. For months, I’ve been making fruitless attempts to reach you.”

She is also concerned that her stepchildren, having been removed from their private school in Jacksonville Beach, are “separated” from the rest of their family.

Whitesand LLC paid $1,000,000 in September, according to public records, for the sale of the contemporary ranch home. Whitesand LLC is located in Alpine, Utah, which is also the home of her parents, Shelli and Sterling Gardner.

Shelli Gardner allegedly founded Stampin’ Up, a paper crafts firm that generates over $100 million annually.

Her family is famous in the Mormon sect known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where she grew up (LDS).

They visited their daughter and grandchildren in West Richland last week. They each attended a Sunday morning LDS church service separately.

Fox News Digital reports that after they wed in 2010, Jared’s ex-wife stopped attending church, even though Jared himself was a devout Christian.

At a rare interview in June of last year, Gardner-Fernandez was questioned about the case. She strongly claimed they were mistaken.

According to her statement to the Florida Times-Union, she asked a tattoo parlor worker in 2015 if he knew anyone who could “shut up” her ex-husband.

She argued, nevertheless, that his words had nothing to do with the murder because they were typical of what people said during “bitter” divorces.

The complexity of our relationship remained constant, she remarked.

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