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Exactly How Does AI Behind Machine Learning Function?

The chatbot works by using Natural Language Processing, or NLP. NLP is a type of artificial intelligence technology that helps computers understand written and spoken words in the same way that people do. Before you can understand how chatbot’s machine learning algorithms work, you need to know the three kinds of chatbots. There are different kinds of chatbots which include; 

  • Rule-based chatbots

This is the simplest type of chatbot, and it gives users options that have already been set. WhatsApp is full of these kinds of chatbots.

When using these chatbots on WhatsApp, it’s important to have a WhatsApp Business account with the company logo as the WhatsApp display picture (DP).

Also, a business can use WhatsApp Status to let users know about new products and services. For these chatbots to work, the user has to choose one of the options that have already been set up. Based on which option the user chooses, the chatbot gives the user solutions.

These chatbots are especially useful for answering frequently asked questions that often don’t need a real person to help. But if the customer needs more help, these machine learning AI aren’t all that helpful.


  • Intellectually independent chatbot

Types of machine learning models help these chatbots understand what users type in and what they want. AI machine learning lets the computer become smart enough to learn from the data, spot patterns, and answer customer questions without much help from a person. These chatbots have been taught to recognise certain words and phrases, which then tell the chatbot what to say. With more and more questions from users, these chatbots learn how to answer customer questions. By finding keywords, the Gpt-3 chatbot can give answers that have already been set up.

  • AI-powered chatbot

This chatbot is the, which is basically a mix of the rule-based chatbots and the chatbots that think for themselves. These are the most intelligent chatbots that try to act like humans. The artificial intelligence in this kind of chatbot is strong enough to make a machine that can think like a human.

The chatbot, which is powered by AI, is smart enough to understand free language. They don’t need to use any predefined phrases to answer users’ questions. They are made to understand both what the user likes and what is going on in the conversation. The flow of the conversation can be changed based on what the user wants. To do this, they use machine learning, natural language processing, and AI text generator gpt 3 to meet the needs of the users.

Different steps are taken for these chatbots to work which are as follows; 

  • The chatbot broke up the user’s written sentence into pieces, which are also called tokens.
  • It sorts the words in a sentence by what part of speech they are. For example, it tells you which words are adjectives, which are nouns, and which are verbs.
  • The sentence has only the most important words left to make a simple phrase. In the fourth step, the chatbot figures out who or what is being talked about.
  • The chatbot uses sentiment analysis to figure out how the user is feeling. This is a very important step for giving the user better customer service.


Using AI text generator gpt-3 chatbots has a lot of good points. For example, it lets the business handle more than one conversation at the same time. Both time and money are saved for the business. The chatbot’s most important benefit is that it makes the user more interested in the business.

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