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How To Earn Money Online Through Data Entry Jobs?

The process of searching for a job has evolved significantly in the modern era. There was a period when people looked for work by reading newspaper ads or other media. The process has been simplified considerably in recent years. Companies advertise and accept applications for jobs all over the world (or all over a certain region) on their own websites. The job description contains all the information the candidate needs to evaluate whether or not they are qualified for the role.

However, not every potential applicant knows about online resources. The abundance of global businesses also makes it difficult to zero down on the best option. In addition, it is unrealistic to expect job-seekers to constantly monitor all available organizations. It can cause inefficiency and the foregoing of a good chance. Consequently, job sites or portals play the role of mediators in settling such disputes. It is the goal of job portals to facilitate communication between employers and prospective employees in order to fill open positions.

Data entry opportunities are available on several career boards as well. Positions requiring data input are in high demand at the moment. These sites have several internships in addition to job openings.

Let’s check out some platforms for earn money online with data entry jobs out there:

  •   Upwork
  •   Fiver
  •   Mega typer
●     Internshala
●     Scribie
●     Mturk
●     Naukri.com
●     Indeed
●     Freelancer
●     Rev

When it comes to making a living, how much do you get paid for online data entry jobs?

Data entry tasks do earn money online, however, they are hardly the most lucrative online work.

The aforementioned resources are all genuine employers looking for trustworthy remote employees, most typically in the form of data entry clerks. Do not be reluctant to apply if the position seems appealing to you.

You should be aware that you may have difficulty finding employment immediately owing to the long waiting lists unless you are willing to diversify into either microtasks (which are extremely low-paying) or transcription.

Stay away from Fake Data Entry Jobs

Take precautions; there may be scammers going around. Don’t ever agree to pay for any necessary gear, and be wary of data entry jobs that offer outrageous compensation rates. If you stick to the resources listed below, you shouldn’t run into any problems.

“Glassdoor” and “TrustPilot” are two useful resources to consult if you uncover a company employing data entry clerks that haven’t been mentioned here.

Today, information seekers may find just about anything online. If you are careful and don’t make any hasty decisions, there is no reason for you to fall victim to a con.

Can you really make a living wage doing data entry from home?

How much money you can make entering data will rely on two things:

  • How well you do it
  • What kind of data you are entering.


Transcribing audio recordings or completing data entry are two examples of jobs that often pay by the minute or by the piece, respectively. There is a small chance that you might get paid per hour.

As a result, your ability to type swiftly and precisely will have a significant impact on your earning potential.

You can get more done if you increase your productivity.

You have a better chance of being promoted to a reviewer position or a higher-paying division if you continuously produce high-quality work.

Types of data entry jobs

Your salary will also depend on the specifics of the data entry work you conduct.

1.   Microtasks

Microtasks are the least lucrative alternative because they typically pay between $2 and $3 per hour.

2.   Standardized websites for data entry

The other extreme is finding work with more conventional data entry websites like Axion, which offers hourly wages of $15.19. There may be a year-long wait if you put your name on the waiting list.

3.   Transcription jobs

Employment in transcription typically falls toward the center. Transcriptionists often earn around $10 per hour, which is decent money but won’t exactly set you up for a comfortable lifestyle. However, if you can type faster or are willing to specialize, you may find considerably greater success; legal and medical transcribing pay far more.

4.   Data entry for large companies

A lot more variety can be found in the ‘other’ section of the data entry jobs. While Gorge-Ware house’s hourly rate is $10.50, it’s possible that other businesses will pay less. Generally speaking, prominent organizations on the lookout for remote workers will provide a competitive salary, while some job advertising on Flex-Jobs may be lower than this.

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