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Hunter probe, docs controversy led Biden to secure $250K

This was done while his son, Hunter Biden, was being investigated for his tax dealings and while he was in the middle of his own classified documents scandal.

Documents from Sussex County show that Biden got the six-figure line of credit from M&T Bank on December 5, 2022. According to county records, Biden and his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, bought the house in 2017 for $2.74 million.

It’s not clear why Biden quietly got the line of credit, which lets him borrow up to $250,000 against the value of his home. When Fox News Digital asked the White House about it, they didn’t answer.

Hunter Biden is involved in a federal investigation, and classified documents from President Biden’s time as vice president are being found. This is why the money move was made.

“Hunter Biden’s tax situation has been under investigation by the federal government since 2018. This investigation was sparked in part by “suspicious activity reports” (SARs) about some of his transactions with foreign banks. Sources with knowledge of the investigation say that the money for these SARs came from “China and other foreign nations.”

The investigation is being led by David Weiss, who was named U.S. Attorney for Delaware by former President Trump.

In the meantime, President Biden’s mess with confidential documents went public in early January. His lawyers, on the other hand, had found a group of records at the Washington, D.C., office of his think tank, the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, months earlier, on Nov. 2. This discovery of confidential documents caused the National Archives Office of the Inspector General to contact a prosecutor at the Justice Department to tell them about the records.

The event, in turn, caused the FBI to look into it on Nov. 9 as part of its normal procedure to see if classified information was handled in a way that broke federal law. The U.S. Attorney in Chicago, John Lausch, was then sent by Attorney General Merrick Garland to find out if the situation needed special counsel.

Since then, more and more secret documents have been found. On December 20, Biden’s lawyers told Lausch that they had found more classified materials in his Wilmington home’s garage. A few weeks later, on January 12, Garland asked U.S. Attorney Robert Hur to look into the Biden documents as a special counsel.

FBI also recently searched Biden’s vacation home in Rehobeth Beach, where he took out the line of credit, but no classified documents were found there.

So far, somewhere between 25 and 30 classified documents that Biden had in his possession have been found and given to the National Archives and  the Justice Department.

The Bidens are the first father and son in presidential history to be investigated by the government at the same time but in different ways.

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