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Husband Of Popular Country Singer Kellie Pickler Has Committed Suicide

The singer-songwriter and husband of singer Kellie Pickler, who was 49 years old, has died, according to a statement from the Nashville Police Department.

On Friday at 1:21 p.m., a home on Sneed Road called 911, which was sent to Nashville’s Department of Emergency Communications.

Officers and people from the Nashville Fire Department went to the house and found Kyle Jacobs, 49, dead from a gunshot wound that seemed to be self-inflicted in an upstairs bedroom/office. A statement from the Nashville Police Department says the same thing.

The statement says that it looks like he killed himself and that police are investigating the matter.

The Nashville Police Department said in their statement that Pickler said she woke up a short time ago, didn’t see her husband, and went looking for him.

When neither Pickler nor his assistant could get into the master bedroom/office on the second floor, Pickler’s assistant called 911.

“Jacobs is well-known for his ability to write songs and play music. He worked with Garth Brooks on “More Than a Memory,” and also wrote “8th World Wonder” for Kimberley Locke.”

He helped write songs that were recorded by Tim McGraw, and Kelly Clarkson, and Scotty McCreery.

Jacobs worked as a producer on Lee Brice’s album “Hey World,” and in his last Instagram post on Thursday, he said that the album had been given a platinum rating.

“Platinum?! SWEEET!!! A group of amazing people puts this together with amazing skills… He wrote, “Thank you, Jesus!!!” under the picture.”

Jacobs and Pickler started dating in 2010, and they got engaged that same year. They got married the following year.

In 2014, Pickler told ABC News that she was married to Jacobs.

She said: “I not only love but also like my husband.” “To be honest, we both like each other a lot. We have no reason to be unhappy with how things are going now.”

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