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More than 3 people were killed during a manhunt at Michigan State University

On Monday, a shooter at Michigan State University killed three people and injured five more, prompting a police manhunt and sending students fleeing for safety in their dorms.

Police say the shooter, a 43-year-old man, shot himself in the head and killed himself. Anxiety, however, spread across the university and the surrounding East Lansing, Michigan, a neighborhood on Monday night as hundreds of authorities looked for him. Aside from the blaring of police sirens and the slicing of the wintry air by police chopper blades, several neighborhoods were eerily quiet.

Sophia Nedoff, 19, a dietetics major, said she was “shaken up” after learning of the attack as she walked out of her chemistry exam. Like thousands of other pupils, she hid for hours. I’m still reeling from the shock of it.

Chris Rozman, the acting deputy police chief of the University Police Department, stated on Tuesday that all five of the injured were in critical condition at Sparrow Hospital. The government has not made public the individuals’ identities.

According to Chief Rozman, the suspect had no ties to the university, and it was unclear whether or not the victims were affiliated with the institution. “We don’t know what he’s doing here tonight,” he remarked.

On Monday night, the university police reported that shots were fired in Berkey Hall, where the college of arts and sciences is located, and then at the M.S.U., the student union.

Classes and athletic events have been suspended for the next two days.

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