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Shanquella Robinson video went viral, Her family appeals Biden to help in her murder case

The family of a woman from North Carolina who was killed in Mexico while on vacation has asked Vice President Joe Biden to help find the woman’s suspected killer.

Shanquella Robinson, who was from Charlotte, North Carolina, died in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico, after a travel companion allegedly beat her up. The murder suspect that Mexican police want from the United States has not yet been sent there.

Attorney Sue-Ann Robinson, who is not related to Shanquella Robinson, stated, “We don’t want the administration to be able to say they didn’t know how to help.”

The President or the Secretary of State must step in and either ask for the suspect or suspects to be extradited or for concurrent jurisdiction and charges to be brought in the U.S.,” the lawyer said in a press release on Saturday.

The letter, which was sent to Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, said that U.S. citizens can be tried in U.S. courts for crimes committed abroad against other U.S. citizens and asked for urgent diplomatic involvement.

The letter also shows attorney Robinson’s anger, which he expressed in an interview with Fox News Digital earlier this month after a recent trip to Mexico, where he supposedly found “obstacles” while trying to investigate the incident. The lawyer said that the U.S. consulate in that country did not help the family in any way.

Shanquella Robinson, a hairdresser, was found dead on October 29. She and six friends and acquaintances had arrived in the vacation town of San Jose del Cabo on October 28.

Authorities in Mexico ruled Robinson’s death a murder after a video of her traveling companion beating her up badly went viral online. People watching the Shanquella Robinson video told Robinson to fight back.

Prosecutor Daniel de la Rosa Anaya in Baja California Sur issued an arrest warrant and extradition request for a woman with ties to Robinson in late November. Not a fight, he said, but “more direct violence.”

Robinson’s autopsy, which was done in Mexico, showed that he had “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation” and that his first two cervical vertebrae were not stable.

Shanquella Robinson’s traveling companions are all thought to be free in the United States, says Attorney Robinson, who says she doesn’t know if anyone has been arrested in the case.

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