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Times’ Role In Spreading False Information On The Covid Lab Leak

As the Times reported earlier this week, the Department of Energy has decided that the coronavirus epidemic is most likely caused by a leak in a lab in China. Christopher Wray, who is in charge of the FBI, has recently backed up the devastating claim made by the Times that the US Department of Energy thinks the virus probably came from a lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. But the liberal “paper of records” didn’t always admit that COVID might have started at a facility in Wuhan.

In 2020, the Times published an article with the title “Trump officials will ask spies to link virus and Wuhan laboratories.” This implied that the previous president was interested in making this connection.

“Administrative officials have ordered US espionage agencies to hunt for proof supporting an unfounded hypothesis that a government lab in Wuhan” was the source of the virus, according to the report. According to the article, “analysts are worried that pressure from government officials could skew assessments of the virus and that it could be used as a political weapon in a growing war with China.”

The liberal MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace read the report out loud and said that the lab leak theory was Trump’s favorite.

Despite skepticism from intelligence services, a few days later the Times ran an article with the headline “Pompeo links coronavirus to a China facility.” According to unnamed “senior US officials” cited in the story, claims that information that was leaked from the facility was false.

Even though it is very unlikely that the new virus spread from animals to people outside of a lab in southern China, it is much more likely that the outbreak was caused by an accident in a lab, as reported by the Times.

The Times reporter even made comparisons between Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who has supported the idea of a lab leak, and former President George W. Bush, who thought Iraq had WMDs.

8 Questions a Disease Investigator Asks About the Origins of the Epidemic, which was published in The New York Times in July 2020, says that any explanation that is different from the official story is a conspiracy theory.

Since the outbreak started in central China near the end of last year, there has been a lot of suspicion and talk of plots all over the world. Experts have ruled out the idea that the disease was made to be used as a bioweapon. Scientists “agree that the virus probably came from bats and went through natural selection in another species” before it could infect and kill people, the Times said.

At the end of the article, the Times said that Dr. Daniel R. Lucey, an infectious disease expert at Georgetown University, had asked investigators to look for signs of a lab leak.

In June 2020, the Times said that scientists used genomic analysis to show that horseshoe bats are most likely where the new coronavirus came from. The Wuhan Institute of Virology was the one who did this work. The author didn’t waste any time reminding readers that crazy people often went to the lab.

Conspiracy theorists who think that the new coronavirus was made in a lab have pointed to this building as proof. James Gorman, a science reporter for The Times, says that the odds are very high that the virus evolved on its own. Scientists and the American intelligence community all agree with this point of view.

The Gray Lady came out in the middle of 2021, but she never set the record straight.

A message sent through the New York Times didn’t get a reply for a while.

Even though the lab leak theory is getting more and more attention in the news, The Times’ global health correspondent Apoorva Mandavilli had to apologize in May 2021 for calling it implausible and saying it had racial roots.

“In the same month, Times reporter David Leonhardt put a section in his newsletter called “The Lab-Leak Theory: We Have an Explaner” with the title “The Lab-Leak Theory: We Have an Explaner.” This implied that most scientists thought COVID probably came from an animal to a human host, but some have started to believe the once-feared lab leak theory.”

Leonhardt pointed out that a number of scientists who used to be against laboratory theory have recently shown interest in it. The majority of the earliest verified cases had no discernible link to the food supply.

Leonhardt said that “several scientists, politicians, and journalists have argued that the lab leak idea deserves attention,” but he didn’t mention that the left heavily slandered those who believed in the theory. Still, The Times said that many people didn’t believe the theory.

“Before explaining why: “the World Health Organization at first thought it was unlikely that the lab leak theory was true”: he wrote”

Leonhardt said that it seemed like a typical case of groupthink that was made worse by the fact that the parties were split. The Chinese government has said that the virus spread from animals to people, but health experts from other countries haven’t questioned this claim.

Sen. Tom Cotton’s defense of the hypothesis was featured in “flawed” media coverage, as recognized by Leonhardt.

Later, the Times said that it was “plausible” that COVID was first made in a lab. Bret Stephens, a Times opinion columnist, wrote in May 2021 that if the Covid pandemic is linked to a leak in a lab in Wuhan, China, it will be one of the biggest scientific scandals in history.

The newspaper is once again spreading the idea that a wet market caused the COVID pandemic in 2022.

In February 2022, a headline said, “New Research Points to the Wuhan Market as the Origin of the Pandemic.” The biologist who wrote both studies said, “It is a very clear picture that the pandemic started in the Huanan market.”

The author of Outkick, Bobby Burack, made fun of the Times in his article.

Wow, that picture is very clear, right? But Burack said that, contrary to what the Times says, the results don’t prove that there was a leak in the lab. Why did the New York Times confirm the facts so quickly on Saturday? Maybe the Times is trying to clear its own name in a global cover-up, so it is denying that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was involved in COVID-19.

Burack mentioned an article in the 2021 Spectator in which two Times employees said they had been told not to look into COVID’s history. At the time, the idea was called “crazy” by The Times.

The media’s already shaky credibility took another hit when Wray and the Department of Energy forced the left to stop following the mainstream story. Chris Barron, a conservative strategist, says that Trump’s lack of trust is caused by the media because they don’t like him.

There was a complete breakdown of the media’s pretense of objectivity throughout Trump’s presidency. For them, any crisis we had as a country was an opportunity to win political points and harm Trump, as Barron put it to Fox News Digital. They committed a dreadful and unforgivable sin because they prioritized partisan politics over the health and well-being of the American people.

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