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Top 10 Live Chat Software Of 2023

If you own a small company website, you may be interested in finding the finest live chat software available.

In order to provide their customers with the highest level of service possible, all modern e-commerce and service providers operating online require top-tier live chat software. This type of software comes in handy whenever a customer service professional is unavailable to respond to a query. Giving customers access to first-rate live chat help can increase conversions and reduce complaints.

Why live chat softwares are the most reliable?

As a matter of uniformity, these are the following five factors to rate each live chat service:

  • Affordability

Most of the apps on this list start at around $20/user/month and don’t go above $100, except for enterprise plans. A few of them are even free.

  • Set up and use are easy

Even if you’re not tech-savvy, live chat is made to be easy to use. Still, some customer service chat software is better than others when it comes to making the user’s experience better. These apps could be set up and used without making you feel like you were learning a new language.

  • Features for management

Live chat can help you serve customers better, but it’s still just a tool. To be successful, you’ll need to keep an eye on, measure, and improve how well your team chats. Staffing prediction, real-time activity reporting, chat monitoring, and automated chat routing are all features that can help. You’ll find tools like these and others that help with management.

  • Options for more help

Apps with advanced customer service features to help your service staff do their jobs better. For example, if a knowledge base is just a few clicks away, agents can help customers quickly solve their problems without needing to call in a more experienced teammate. 

  • Integration capabilities

Make sure that all of the live chat apps you chose worked with popular CRM, help desk, marketing, and eCommerce platforms, either directly or through Zapier.

The best live chat software

  • LiveChat

It gathers all inquiries and messages into one inbox so that customer support representatives can respond and provide their help in the shortest time possible. LiveChat has automated chatbots and forms that you can change to find out more about your leads.

  • Zendesk

It enables your team to deliver rich conversational experiences across your web, mobile, and social apps so customers can reach you instantly. It’s easy to automate and quick to scale up to meet the needs of each customer or employee.

  • LiveAgent

It is a tool that can be used by anyone to help customers. It has a live chat feature and is probably the best live chat software for managing many social media networks at once. The software gives you a lot of automatic ways to send some requests to a certain manager and put your clients into groups.

  • ChatBot

Automated chatbots are the future of live chat software because they let you talk to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ChatBot helps small businesses use the power of chatbots powered by artificial intelligence technology to improve customer engagement and satisfaction overall.

  • Smartsupp

It’s cheap live chat software and artificial intelligence chatbot software that lets you track and record what people do on your website. Then you can look at each recording along with what the visitor said in live chat.

  • Freshdesk

Messaging has good live chat support software with awesome features that are on par with some of the more well-known companies on this list.

Freshdesk Messaging is a chat and messaging app that lets you start chats with customers in real time using agents or AI-powered bots.

  • Chaport

If you want live chat software for WordPress that is free, you might want to check out Chaport.

Chaport has a free plan that lasts forever and lets you chat with anyone as much as you want. They also have live chat apps for mobile devices, a 30-day history of chats, and some simple ways to change the look of the Chaport live chat widget.

  • Olark

It is a popular way for online businesses to offer live chat through more than one channel. Their live chat plugin makes it easy and quick to add Olark to your WordPress site.

  • Tidio

It is popular live chat software that you can add to your website in minutes. The live chat pop-up can then be changed to match your brand.

  • Sendinblue

It is a powerful live chat platform that is easy for new users to use.

SendinBlue makes it easy to turn website visitors into customers by giving them real-time answers to their questions through live chat. SendinBlue’s marketing automation works with the chat, which lets you get more leads.

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