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Tyre Nichols’ Body Cam Footage Catches The Sheriff’s Eye, Prompting Him To Launch A Fresh Inquiry

Two deputies of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office were placed on administrative leave after body camera footage from a traffic check on January 7 showed them brutally punching a 29-year-old man named Tyre Nichols. On Friday night, the footage was released. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

The footage apparently prompted Shelby County Sheriff Floyd Bonner Jr. to launch an internal investigation.

For the first time tonight, Bonner watched the footage of the altercation between police and Tyre Nichols and tweeted his concern for the safety of the two deputies that responded to the scene.

In addition, he stated, “I have launched an internal investigation into what these deputies did to find out what transpired and whether any regulations were broken.” Both deputies have been placed on administrative leave until the outcome of the investigation.

Neither of them identified themselves.

The sheriff said on Facebook that he was “angry” and “sad” over the acts of the five police officers that resulted to Nichols’ death.

My heart breaks for Tyre Nichols’ loved ones. Bonner expressed his grief and rage over his untimely demise, saying, “I am heartbroken and enraged about his awful death.”

According to the sheriff, incidents like these reflect poorly on the credibility of law enforcement in general.

“I’m the second in my family to join the police force, and the footage we just witnessed is heartbreaking. This horrible act has damaged the badge I and many other excellent cops proudly wear every day, it read in the statement. I’m going to stop at nothing to prevent another family from experiencing such a horrible and pointless loss as mine”.

The violent video that was posted late last Friday has been widely discussed by police officers, politicians, athletes, and other members of the public. It showed several Memphis police officers repeatedly punching, kicking, and using a baton on Nichols.

Nichols can be seen attempting to flee from the police on footage from body cameras and a nearby street camera. They find him, pursue him, tase him, curse at him, punch and kick him, blast him with pepper spray, and leave him injured and bewildered.

Nichols was injured on January 7; he was pronounced dead on January 10 at a local hospital.

There were five Memphis police officers involved in the event; their names are Desmond Mills, Justin Smith, Emmitt Martin, Tadarrius Bean, and Demetrius Haley. Then they were fired and are now facing charges for crimes like second-degree murder.

They face up to 60 years in prison if found guilty.

Protests in Memphis,Los Angeles, and Washington, DC after the release of the video on Friday night were largely peaceful.

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