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Value Of Other Search Engines For SEO: Why You Shouldn’t Rely Solely On Google

Here are the three cornerstones of high-quality content for any search engine, presented;

  • How reliable is your information?
  • Is your content useful and suitably detailed?”
  • Is the information organised in a way that makes it simple to find?

Here are four search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to help you expand your website’s reach beyond Google search engine.

1.   There is a significant role for keywords, on-page, and technical SEO

Google is the only search engine that has a complicated search algorithm. But because their search bots aren’t as smart as Google’s, you have to put in more work and feed them information about your website.

Meta Keywords are still important in Yahoo, Bing, and (possibly) other smaller search engines.

Meta Keywords are special meta tags that show up in a website’s HTML code. They help people figure out what your content is about and connect it with the right keywords. But you can’t see them on the page when it’s live.

So, add relevant keywords that people use to find your page, as well as misspelt search terms and long-tail/synonyms, to keep or improve the quality of your search results.

But don’t use meta keywords too much, or you’ll hurt your rank on all search engines.

Your choice of keywords on a page is very important.

Google ranks web pages by using LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. So, you don’t have to use the EXACT keywords to get your website to rank.

Bing doesn’t make things so easy. To get more traffic from Bing, you have to use keywords exactly as they are written. If you want to move up in this search engine, you shouldn’t use more than two keywords on a single page.

So, how do you pick the right keywords to aim for?

  • Use your target keyword in your article’s title (H1) and subheadings (H2). In fact, Bing gives a lot of weight to the words in your title. So, make sure your titles are optimised so they are relevant to the user.
  • Make sure you have written a catchy meta description that includes your keyword.
  • Use long-tail versions of your main keywords to rank higher in Bing searches. Using the Bing search engine keyword tool, you can find different ways to say your keyword.

But keep in mind that the quality of the content is also the most important thing in the Bing algorithm. A page that is only optimised and has a great meta description but doesn’t have any useful or relevant information doesn’t move up in the Bing search results.

2.   To increase your site’s visibility in DuckDuckGo search results, create “Wikipedia-like” inbound links

That’s one of the main reasons why DuckDuckGo search engine is becoming more and more popular. It’s a search engine that doesn’t keep track of its users’ search history.

It’s an open source platform that gives its users more control and lets them make it their own.

How can you earn trust from DuckDuckGo, then?

  • The very least you can do is make sure your website is user-friendly.
  • The next role is building links. DuckDuckGo gets most of the technology it uses to show search results from Yahoo.

And they say that for good rankings, you should “get links from high-quality sources like Wikipedia.”

Note that even no-follow links count in their algorithm, because they trust sites with a lot of user-generated content (they serve results from over 400 sources).

With Duck Duck Hack, you can even come up with ideas and make Instant Answers from scratch. The fact that they rely on the community to provide these answers can help you get traffic for niche searches.

If you want your brand’s website to show up in DuckDuckGo search results with a “official site” tag, you need to be mentioned on high-quality sites like Wikipedia or CrunchBase. Any mistake in where this kind of tag goes is related to these two sources.

3.   Bing works well when you flash it and get local

Remember reading an article about how Google doesn’t like flash websites and how its algorithm doesn’t crawl their content?

On Bing, the story is different.

If your primary RIA data can’t be read, it can still hurt your search rankings. The solution is to stick to the basics of technical SEO. And don’t use navigation links that are based on RIA. If not, you won’t be able to crawl any more.

Google is known to give more weight to well-known and respected brands in their search results (when in doubt). On the other hand, Bing likes to show the searcher small businesses that are close by.

4.   Make use of schema markup, but remember that the user comes first

Microdata is what helps Google, Yahoo search engine, and Bing understand what your content is about. This information helps figure out how relevant your page is as a whole and how to show it in search results in a way that will increase your CTR.

Search engines want to give the people who use them (searchers) information that is useful and important.

So, in every piece of content you write, try to get to the heart of what people are looking for and make sure your site is easy to use. Then you can get a good ranking with most search engines.


Due to Google’s dominance, it is commonly considered that search engine optimization is tailoring your site specifically for them. However, it’s equally important to think about alternative search engines to Google. Your SEO tactics should be based on this understanding.

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